Holy Lab-Box Moly

After two and a half years of waiting, postponing, lame excuses and unexpected last minute delays I’m not sure if this is really real or if I passed away last night and woke up in a parallel universe of infinite possibilities. But a box arrived today and it says Lab-Box.

Sweet Lord Jesus Christ

I’ll keep you posted when I develop my first roll of film in it but I have been super lazy shooting film for a couple of months. And to be honest I was even thinking of quitting film altogether as I currently can’t justify keeping all the gear for two rolls of film a year but maybe this little box came just in time.

Lab-Box Update: Hell might freeze over

Not ready yet...
Might ship someday…

I’ll keep it short but it looks like it’s getting pretty cold in hell right now – the LabBox project seems to be shipping the final product. We’ll see how it goes and if it arrives. And if it’s working.

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Lab-Box: March update

Not ready yet...
Not ready yet…

On the very last day of March comes the March update but finally we are seeing some real progress and maybe we will see a shipment in the year of 2019: Read their usual yadda yadda.

Lab-Box: Finally some progress??

Not ready yet...

Finally it looks like the Lab-Box Kickstarter project sees some real progress. The promised improvements are implemented (at least some of them) and the delivery date is still the same. Let’s hope they go on like this.

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