How to travel through three countries in two weeks

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After travelling to rather uncommon holiday places like Ukraine, Russia, China and Iran in the last few years we wanted to get a little bit more laid back and we decided to do a small roadtrip through the baltic countries Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in our two weeks of summer holidays in 2018. To most people these countries still are very uncommon compared to the super popular travel places in southern Europe so I’d like to share some impressions here.


Although the baltic countries countries belonged to the Soviet block before 1989 they are nowadays full EU-members including the Euros as their currency and they have a very western spirit with a little bit of eastern european rock’n roll attitude. It was interesting to see how live is going over there and we enjoyed the cities as well as the fantastic landscapes in all of the three countries. The countries have a lot to offer, they are not overpriced and not too many tourists go there so you can mostly enjoy all places to the fullest.

polka dot girl

We took a flight from our homebase in Zurich, stopped over in Warsaw, Poland and finally started our trip in Vilnius, Lithuania. After our luggage went missing somewhere between Switzerland and Lithuania we spent the first days in Vilnius with a little less comfort than usual but it was no big deal. Our stuff was delivered to the hotel the next day.

hill of crosses

Next up we left Vilnius with a rental car and went towards Šiauliai only to see one of Lithuania’s main attractions – the hill of crosses. It was an interesting place with a little bit creepy aura to it.

family day at the beach

From Šiauliai we left Lithuania and drove over the Latvian border to the small coastal town Liepāja, which was a nice and calm place with a few minor attractions. We stayed on the wonderful countryside for the next few days and we had wonderful accommodations at the Baltic Sea with lighthouses, sandy beaches, hammocks and lovely peaceful days in the sun.


Finally we made it to Latvia’s capital Rīga which was very busy compared to the quiet countryside places as it is very popular along cruise ships and ferries but it was nice to be back in a civilized place for a change (compared to our simple live on the coastal countryside). We spent a couple of good days there before heading on to Estonia.

The small city of Tartu was our first stop in Estonia where we spent only one day but it was well worth a visit. The old town city center of Tartu is lovely and the botanical gardens are a beautiful island of peace.

tourist trap

Finally we went on to Tallinn which was a great finish for the two weeks abroad. The medieval old town mixed with the modern business district and the impressive skyline make up a nice place where you can have a good time. It is the most touristy place on our trip but not too bad.

so pretty a light

While we lost luggage again on our way home and we had a very wild flight due to some thunderstorms near Berlin we still got home safe and sound.

backyard secrets

lawn mower on concrete

soviet architecture

out in the light

do not enter

to the top floor

enjoy the sea

parking on the right

it’s art they say

behind bars

all goes right

secret agent


haunted place

high pressure

top secret




foggy fun

moody sunset

another world

open road


old guy

gold and trash

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  1. Beautiful street photography, makes me thinking about our high standards in western Europe, and especially here in Switzerland. Perfectly arranged and carefully postprocessed. I like the pale and pastel colors of backyards, exclusive, so pretty a light, outlook, another world and moody sunset. I am looking forward to your next and upcoming blog post.

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