A little bit of travelling

can you see the lights?

Being invited to a wedding in the “Ruhrgebiet” in Germany gave us a perfect excuse to take a whole week off.

So we travelled to Amsterdam for a few days before taking a train to Germany and attend the festivities there. Below you find the photos from the couple of days in Holland which we enjoyed a lot.

All photos were taken on my Leica MP with Ilford Delta 400 Professional. Home developed in Ilford DD-X at 20°C while it was 30°C outside so you probably can imagine how sweaty it got in the changing bag. :)


modernist’s daydream

hang loose

Amstel Bier

street scene

long shadows

evening mood


bring us your money

Are you Ted?

I feel like stripes today.

big walls

art and the city

different levels

pollution is not my problem

concrete compulsion

never look back

far away






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