Lab-Box: one more delay

Not ready yet...
Not ready yet…

I don’t even want to comment much on this any more but apparently they need another month before they are even able to tell us the delivery date. I bet by then they will find a new excuse why it will take another year or so.

Maybe I’m a bit sensitive here but I think they were too ambitious with their planned dates and this does not leave a good impression at all. When you read the comments in the original blogpost, I am obviusly not the only one who is a little bit disappointed after almost two years of waiting.

I don’t want to be overly negative though: should the product become one day – I believe this will be a great tool and it looks like they have really put in a lot of thoughts.

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  1. It will be just fine. They clearly misjudged the time needed to process the full project. Which seems to be the standard when we speak about Kickstarter products. Anyway the last update seems promising, and hopefully we will have he lab-box until the end of this year. Or not.

    1. Definitely Kickstarter projects do have long delays almost always. Let‘s just hope they will get it ready anytime.

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