Genoa in Black and White

waiting for nothing

During the Easter holidays we took – once again – a little trip by train. This time we drove to Genoa on the Italian Mediterranean coast in only six hours.

Thanks to the new connection Zurich to Milan, which only takes 3 hours through the Gotthard Base Tunnel, we were able to board the train at 09:00 in the morning, eat Panini in Milan around noon and enjoy the view of the Mediterranean in Liguria in the early afternoon.

We really enjoyed the time in this beautiful little town, the ambiance and the food were just right for a short trip.

Here are some pictures I took with my Leica MP on Ilford Delta 400.

up to heaven


a room full of dreams

step over

walk down

backyards of genova




real splendor

top view

not even once

italy condensed into one picture

get out

at the mall

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