A preview of spring

bird’s eye

While Zurich was still a cold and dark place and after six months of winter became increasingly unpleasant we managed to get a week off and escaped to Portugal.

We had three days in Lissabon and took a rental car to Europe’s most south-western part. The Algarve coast was a nice preview of spring before we had to head back home – and Zurich was expecting us with rains and sub-zero temperatures.

Lissabon was a surprisingly good place for taking some street shots with my good old Leica MP and some Kodak UltraMax 400.

going up


Mr. X

silent moment

the secret escape



Mr. Business

upper class

no way to escape

turn left to the BOSS

at the graveyard


walk by the tiles

heavy steps

postcard village


Lisboa clichée

all aboard the night train

one way street

everything is in its place

local vigiado

from the top


secret agent

late night colors

… while Sagres and the endless beaches in the southern part of Portugal offered many too many occasions for walks and taking photos with my Zens Bronica S2 and some Fuji 400H.

no name

6×6 sunset

Expect this post to be updated once I have all the photos on flickr…

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