The 7 stages of becoming a film scanner nerd

What’s behind that door?

  1. I just want to take analog photos. Don’t waste my time with scanning, I’ll better have the lab do that for me.
  2. My goodness. The lab charges me a fortune for low quality scans. I’ll better save the money for a simple scanner and do that at home.
  3. Meh. The simple scanner does a decent job if you invest just a little bit of time. Some hours maybe. For a single photo. I’ll better get me some more professional gear.
  4. Oh nice. There is some used professional hardware for sale. It’s still supported and there’s an active community. You need a lot of experience to get it running but I can manage that.
  5. Interesting. The people in the group are on the very next nerd level when it comes to serious scanning. A lot to be learned from them, just look at the pictures they produce.
  6. Wow. Some of them even make a business out of scanning films. They have a real passion for quality and they sell it. Great idea, maybe I could do that as well…
  7. Next thing you know: you start a tiny side-business by yourself. Offering 35mm film (and maybe medium format) scans for a fair price with the superior Noritsu quality.

If you don’t want to go that road – check it out at .

I just started it and it needs a lot of improvement but I think you should give it a try.

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