Ilford FP4+ in the Contax T2

Recently I attended a technical conference in Montpellier, France, for five days. As I still had a roll of FP4+ loaded in my Contax T2 and I had to travel as light as possible I decided to just take this nice little camera with me.

The conference sessions took around 9 hours every day so there was not much time left to go outside and see much of the nice city. Anyway I wanted to enjoy the mediterranean weather wherever possible and I managed to take at least a few photos every evening. As southern France still is quite sunny during late September taking such a slow film was not a bad idea at all.




black man

analog adventures



Vive la France, vive le TGV!

running child

Like every black and white film I developed the FP4+ in our kitchen in Ilfotec DD-X at 20°C for 10 minutes. I scanned it in my Noritsu LS-600 at highest resolution. The results are not overwhelmingly great but regarding the little time I had to take photos I am still quite happy.

The Contax’s Sonnar 2.8/38 T* never ceases to amaze me, sharpness and contrast with the FP4+ are really nice however not comparable to Ilford’s Delta line in my opinion.

You can also view all the photos in the related flickr album in full resolution.

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