Latest Lab-Box Update

The Lab-Box project just posted a new timeline for their project: they now plan to deliver a whole 6 months later than they originally intended to do.

Not ready yet...
Not ready yet…

As with every kickstarter project I have ever backed it is being postponed and postponed again. The same lame excuses in every project again and again. The closer they get to a promised milestone the thinner the communication gets. Until finally, when delivery is long overdue, they write an update about postponing again. Ridiculous.

Not that I wasn’t expecting anything else but especially in the Lab-Box project it is all a little bit fuzzy as they only make a lot of new promises which will probably result in the real product never getting ready.

To me it’s not a big disappointment but I still hoped they would manage better than other projects which turned out not to be true at all.

You can read the whole details here.

For fairness’ sake I have to mention that the Lab-Box Kickstarter project posted another update just a few days later. They show off the modifications that they made to the original idea and I have to say it does look great. Mostly it is small details that were improved but they also feature a new lid including a thermometer and a digital timer which looks very useful. Let’s see how it goes.
Read more about it here.

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