Trans Mongolian Railway Summary

For the last 5 weeks we have been on a big adventure through 8 countries from Switzerland, through Austria and Liechtenstein to Hungary, the Ukraine, Russia, Mongolia all the way to China. Our goal was to reach Beijing, China without using any plane only by traveling on land.

We travelled from 07.07.2017 until 10.08.2017 and spent a total of 204 hours only in trains not including the taxis, subways, minibuses and ships. All this added up to total of 10.621 km by train.

We chose to do the modified trans siberian railway called “trans mongolian railway” going to Beijing instead of Vladivostok and we had a lot of stops including Zürich – Budapest – Kiev – Moskau – Kazan – Ekaterinburg – Novosibirsk – Tomsk – Taiga – Irkutstk – Olchon – Ulan Ude – Ulan Bator – Beijing

We saw many lovely and interesting places (and ugly ones too), met wonderful (and not so wonderful) people, had great food (and disgusting food), we had a ton of nice experiences (and bad ones too) and we came home safe and sound, full of memories and new plans where to travel to next.

My “serious” photos will be shown here one by one.

First pics
Here is just a small selection of hipstamatic snapshots of our journey to the east:

Stay tuned for more posts and photos from this trip.

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